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The R.A.M.S. team uses innovative and creative methods of approach in alternate dispute resolution (ADR), having years of problem solving experience to assist in reaching lasting solutions in a wide range of fields.

The Creative Mediation Approach

Experienced professionals who rely on years of problem solving expertise make Resolution and Mediation Services, Inc. a great choice in addressing your alternative dispute resolution needs, utilizing creative techniques to break impasse and overcome the standoffs, stalemates and deadlocks. Our goal is to guide the participants to reach solutions designed to meet their specific needs and to avoid the pitfalls often encountered in handling disputes.


Mediation is an excellent procedure for resolving disputes by exploring areas for mutual agreement that has many benefits and advantages over usual "win/lose" techniques, especially when guided by trained professionals.


Where a voluntary resolution is not an option, arbitration can provide a prompt and binding decision without costly and time consuming litigation.


Facilitation and training are methods to reduce conflicts within companies and organizations. These processes are also beneficial to setting goals and objectives and to making insightful and effective decisions.


The Resolution and Mediation Services, Inc., can be your breath of fresh air as your Total Dispute Resolution Solution. We will take care of all the arrangements to handle your mediation, arbitration, facilitation or training locally, or work with you to obtain the best resources for your needs from our network of ADR professionals or our contract partners convenient to your needs.

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