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Who We Are

Resolution and Mediation Services, Inc. can provide sensitive and effective dispute resolution for all types of conflicts throughout the State of Florida, with services made available outside the State of Florida, through creative partnerships with experienced ADR professionals, in those areas. We specialize in a proactive approach to ending conflicts that have persisted despite prior attempts at peace. We help solve any problem between people. Regardless your dispute or issues, we can help end it. We facilitate communication and decision-making in a wide variety of relationships. We tailor our style to meet your individual needs. RAMS and its creative partnerships can provide Mediation, Arbitration, Mediation/Arbitration, as well as Counseling and Consulting for Business and Personal matters. We create Satisfying Settlements that Last, and that everyone can live with.

Resolutions and Mediation Services, Inc. provides a wide variety of services, workshops and trainings, while specializing in mediation ((Foreclosure, Employment, Public Accommodations, Housing, ADA) and other alternative dispute resolution (ADR) services and training and much, much more! Looking for a solution, let our creative team of professionals help you find your "Ram in the Bush"!

At R.A.M.S., we pride ourselves on providing professional mediation and dispute resolution services, cost effective maintenance training (to businesses to which we provide repeat training), custom programming to meet the customer's time and financial constraints, support and office assistance and/or referral services.

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