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Mediation is a voluntary, informal dispute resolution process involving a mediator, or impartial third party, who assists both parties in exploring creative efforts to resolve issues of conflict, prior to formal litigation.

Approach: Mediation


In mediation, the participants engage in collaborative problem solving with the assistance of a skilled third party. The mediator interactively helps the participants arrive at voluntary agreements by providing a structure in which the parties can fully express their viewpoints and their goals. The benefits of mediation include:


  • Win/win approach

  • Rapid resolution

  • Cost effective process

  • Lasting mutual solutions


The mediator does not decide that one side is right and the other is wrong. Rather, all resolutions are made by mutual agreement. Unlike adjudicated disputes, mediation is voluntary; participants can freely withdraw if they feel that the process will lead to an unjust or unreasonable result.


Resolution and Mediation Services, Inc., your Creative Resolution Solution, has experienced and skillful mediators who will work with you to explore the options available and guide you through the mediation process (and can work with your business from a pro-active role to significantly decrease or prevent conflict and/or incidence of discrimination and harassment in the workplace).


Approach: Facilitation


Facilitation is a process in which a neutral person helps a group work together more effectively. Facilitators work within an organization or with participants from different organizations. The facilitator's job is to lead the group process; to help them improve how they communicate, explore issues, solve problems and make decisions. Facilitation has been proven effective in organizations that need to engage in activities that require collaboration and teamwork, such as --


  • Mission formulation

  • Strategic planning

  • Program prioritization

  • Restructuring


In fact, facilitation can be beneficial whenever an organization needs to focus on issues that require fresh, innovative and positive group dynamics.


Facilitators from the Resolution and Mediation Services, Inc., your Creative Resolution Solution, help groups stay on track and be more creative, efficient and productive than they would be without our efforts.

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